When Grace Flows From the Head to the Body

It is continually experiencing the 'hand of God' by humbling oneself under the mighty hand of God.

The anointing of God's Spirit on a leaders life is so important because He provides you 'the oil of joy' in the midst of the perplexing challenges and dark discouraging times of ministry. Do you have joy in heart, home and ministry? Seek His anointing. As one pastor-friend said recently, "In the midst of criticism and personal hurt, I plug into another world and experience the Lord's peace and joy." Anointing is important in ministry, for His presence and power are the 'pouring out the oil of joy' in our lives.

Most Common Questions

Many questions get asked by visitors to church, newcomers to town, and friends and neighbors of our members. Here’s a list of questions that may help you understand what prayer is and why it is so important in the Christian life.

Who are the Disciples of Christ?
What time is your Sunday worship service?
How do I request prayer or support?
Is there a dress code for attending services?
Can a visitor take communion?
How big is the church?
What denomination is the church affiliated with?
Do you offer programs for children and youth?
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